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Saskia from Germany taking Pilates since 8 years

Former Health Minister's wife Mrs. Soumya Ramados taking pilates session.

Norwegian Ambassador's wife Josephine taking Pilates and GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® sessions

Louise working with the Australian High Commission taking Pilates for 2 years

I was looking for a Pilates studio in Delhi as a doctor’s recommendation when I found Monica. This was the best choice I made for my physical and mental health. My back pain is gone and I’m feeling stronger for every day tasks. The results for my whole body are fantastic!
Monica is a highly qualified professional and she is always attentive to the individual needs of each person. The studio is very well equipped and with a very good energy. I highly recommend her classes.

- Christiana, Brazil

The studio and our work together was my rythm in Delhi. It taught me how to breath and use my body in the right way and to rebuild after knee surgery. It showed me my weaknesses and helped me turn those into strengths. We talked, worked, laughed and sometimes cried! The change I saw in my physical self was huge and it allowed me to get back to competitive running. Something I never thought possible post surgery. And I made a friend along the way. Thank you

- Gorgina, UK

Thank you Monica for making my time in India so joyful and healthy!
Your training sessions, all your advices on posture and recommended activities have helped me controlling my scoliosis and have reduced my back pains. Coming to your studio twice a week during my years in Delhi has been both fun and extremely useful. I have learned a lot and I will miss you!

- Gina, Norway

I hugely enjoyed my pilates classes with Monica. Monica is a fantastic, highly experienced teacher and really helped me to improve. Monica was consistently patient and supportive in our classes, and I noticed a great improvement in my strength and ability thanks to our lessons. I greatly enjoyed learning pilates with Monica and I highly recommend her classes to others in Delhi!

- Hannah, UK

Monica is truly the best Pilates teacher I’ve come across in my life. She is incredibly knowledgeable, positive and calm and has really helped me to understand my body, rebuild my body after injury and push me to greater things. Monica has a thorough understanding of the muscular makeup of the body which will help any Pilates student – novice or expert, advance in their own practice. She has taught me things that not only make me better in our classes but also my posture is greatly improved in my everyday life, I’m more physically fit, more flexible and have a much stronger core. I have now left Delhi and I will miss Monica so much. Anyone would be lucky to learn from Monica.

- Anna French, UK

My name is Bernadette and I have been attending Monica’s Pilates class twice weekly since my arrival in Delhi over 2 years ago. Monica is an excellent Pilates teacher - competent, experienced, diligent and dedicated. She continues to up-skill in her profession by undertaking new courses on a regular basis. Monica is very patient and encouraging with her students - all the while demanding our best effort. She keeps a watchful eye on our progress and development though she allows us to work at our own pace during the class. She has a sound knowledge of anatomy and the classes are both rewarding and challenging in equal measure. One can never sit back or stand still in class. Monica uses a wide range of routines and exercise equipment to put us through our paces. During each routine, every part of the body is stretched and exercised in a balanced and structured way. The time passes very quickly and I always feel a mental and physical wellness at the end of each session. Attending Pilates is a very important and enjoyable part of my life in India which contributes much to my overall health and well-being. Monica is a true professional and I highly recommend her as a Pilates teacher. Thank you, Monica!

- Bernadette, Ireland

What a gem! I can’t say enough good things about this studio and Monica because I know I cannot possibly find words to do this place justice. The place and the trainer is just amazing. It doesn’t matter if you are new to Pilates or if you have been doing it for years she is non judgemental and provides an environment that is conducive to growth, change and healing. I am with Monica for the past 7 years now and I am a completely changed person. My muscles have toned up, posture has improved. I have become more energetic.
I would highly recommend studio Pilates retreat to those who love themselves and their body.

- Dr. Meenu Goyal, India

I’ve had an amazing experience with Monica at the Pilates Studio. She is a lovely instructor who knows her subject well and helps and encourages everyone in class reach their potential.
The classes are fun, interesting and diverse. While doing the exercises, one concentrates so much at what they are doing that it feels almost like you are meditating and I come out feeling so relaxed and refreshed. My posture and flexibility has really improved in this past year. Highly recommend Monica’s Pilates studio.

- Surbhi Mittal, India

I have been going to Monica for Pilates for almost five years now. While I initially thought Pilates was a core (stomach and back mainly) strengthening workout, to my delight, Monica has proven otherwise. We work on all the joints with the emphasis on core strength. The challenging but slow workout delivers lasting results. I am fairly often begging for a break but we power through under Monica's eagle eye that spots immediately if you are involving parts of your body that are not meant to be used at that time. I recommend Monica very highly to everyone and feel deprived if for any reason I have to miss a class.
She is the best Pilates teacher I have ever experienced and her skill, experience and dedication are unmatched.

- Nuwyari, India

Monica's teaching is exceptionally professional, and the format of the class is just right: neat space, not crowded class, state-of-the-art material... All ingredients to make you content of spending a few hours per week with her and your classmates. It will take a good effort from you though because the flows of exercises she designs are not for the lazy ones. No possible cheating as Monica has a 360 degree vision and a sort of 6th sense where even if she doesn't look at you, she can sense that you're not doing the exact thing! And this makes you progress so good and so fast! The variety in the effort and the sensation you feel throughout the class that you're shaping up and toning your body, and relaxing your spirit just smoothly push you to your limits and actually stretch your limits to a further level. Pilates lovers or curious people, don't hesitate, Go for it!

- Donia, France

I have been doing Pilates with Monica since 4 years now. Even if we moved around Delhi, I keep coming to her class. Monica is a great professional instructor. She has years of experience, she keep herself trained & undergo professional trainings for the benefit of her students. The last 2 years, she brought new practices from abroad to guarantee us the best practice.
She is sweet& caring, Being there on a twice weekly basis, I have never being bored with her class. Beginner or advanced level, Monica is the one for you !

- Sophie, France

Having a superficial knowledge of Pilates from a few sessions in many differently countries, and knowing the benefits of it, I was fortunate enough to link up with Monica at her beautiful studio at the beginning of our posting in Delhi and I’ve now been attending twice weekly classes for over three years.

Monica has an extremely well- equipped studio which would be appealing to anyone, And the way she conducts the classes, both individual and group that is special.

First there is her smile that greets you before each and every class, then there is her enthusiasm and professionalism. She is always expanding her own knowledge of Pilates and is to the fore on new branches of it including gyrokinesis. She keeps her material up to date and in continual expansion.

Her classes are always fun and never boring and I am delighted to recommend her to you.

- Josephine, Norway

Pilates, the „Pilates Retreat Studio“ and of course getting to know Monica was one of the best things that happened to me while living in India for 6 years. Pilates is a perfect sport for all ages. Try it out twice a week for a couple of month and you will see your whole body changes. I loved it cause it made me stronger, my posture totally changed and it helped me to gain strength for running.

The courses with Monica are always fun, structured, and keep moving forward. I can also highly recommend the privates on the reformer as you learn to listen to your body, gain more stability and strenght in a fun way of movements. Try it, you definitely will not regret it!

- Tamara Wagner, Germany

I would wholeheartly recommend the pilates studio of Monica. The last three years I visited it twice a week. The classes were always rich in variety and diversity. Monica is a very experienced instructor, she always noticed our mistakes and corrected them or gace advices when we had problems. The atmosphere was every time relaxing and familiar, we had a lot of of fun and laughter. It's hard to find such great pilates classes at another place. No matter if somebody is looking for pilates classes as a beginner or on a advanced

- Iris, Germany

Monica's pilates studio is a gem in New Delhi! If you are a practiced exerciser of pilates or just starting, Monica's is the place to be! She is a great trainer... profesional, a good communicator and very knowledgable of Pilates. In a small-scale, fun and motivating environment she guides her students through classes which are differerent and exciting each time.

I've trained with Monica for two and a half years and have been able to become more supple and flexible in my upper back than I ever was before, I'm so grateful for it! Even during my (third) pregnancy I was able to continue with great pregnancy pilates and after pregnancy Monica's training helped me regain my fitness and strength. I will miss the privilege of training twice a week with Monica hugely and recommend her to newcomers in Delhi highly! Don't miss this great studio and trainer tucked away in the beautiful garden of an ashram in RK Puram.

- Caroline Pool, Netherlands

Thank you, Monica Rastogi! I have had a fabulous experience with Pilates classes taught by Monica in the last 2 ½ years during my time in New Delhi. I will be missing these classes and my instructor, as we move on to our next posting.

Monica is very professional and has a great attention to detail. During classes she was quick to correct my moves/posture, if I was doing a position the wrong way. (I have taken Pilates classes before in another country and unfortunately, I had some neck pain as a result, but after some treatment and Monica's guidance during the exercises, the pain is gone.) She has a good humor and demeanor making the Pilates classes enjoyable and the physical results have been fantastic. Thanks again!!

- Helen Knaapen, Netherlands

"About 5 years ago I started doing Pilates for the first time in my life with Monica. I did not know anything about Pilates and I was not very fit. Initially, I found it very tough and challenging, but Monica has a talent for making each session different and fun, and so I started to enjoy the classes and made sure to go regularly twice a week. Slowly I also started to notice the differences in my body: the muscles became toned and my posture better. I felt fitter and had more energy - and as an added bonus I lost weight. Even though I'm doing Pilates for such a long time, I'm still enjoying the classes. Monica regularly introduces new equipment and exercises to tone our bodies, so the classes never become boring. I'm very happy to have found a fitness regime that I enjoy and which will prevent many potential health problems."

- Lotte Hansen, Denmark

Since I workout with Monica, I have (for the first time in my life) fun doing sports. She is sincerely clear about, what she is doing. She is 100% aware of every physical problem of each student and is very anxious to go into this in her exercises. Her program is rich of variety and includes, of course next to Pilates, also cardio, yoga and dance units.

Three years ago, I started with one lesson per week; meanwhile I do 3 lessons per week - that says a lot, I guess...!

I feel and see how my body has changed since I work with Monica. A big thank you to this great instructor!!! I wish, I could take her home to Germany, when we have to leave India one day....

- Julia, Germany

After 2 years of Pilates, this is what I feel:
1. More awareness of strengths and weaknesses of my body
2. Better awareness of posture
3. Significantly more toned muscles
4. Able to do certain exercises which looked impossible at the beginning
5. Much stronger stomach muscles
6. Less stiff
7. The determination to finish an exercise rather than give up

- Julie Philip, United Kingdom

I have been doing pilates with Monica for the past few months. I am thoroughly enjoying my sessions with her. Every session with her is extremely challenging and innovative.. She is a very conscientious and a nurturing trainer, making sure that there is proper emphasis given on strength, flexibility and nutrition.I feel my body changing from inside out, with better flexibility, strength and most importantly a peaceful mind.

- Simran, India

Before I began with Pilates at Monica’s Studio, I had tried many sports. I usually gave up after a few months since I did not regularly train or did not get desired results.

Since last 1 year I visit twice weekly for training. The exercises initially were difficult to understand and unusual. But with time I understood what Pilates is, started getting better at it and realised the correct execution of the movements which I feel is so important.

For me the positive changes are seen on my figure which was a great success for me and I developed a constant drive to continue. My legs looked shaped and they felt tighter, my belly flatter, and understanding of my body sharpened.

Pilates for me now is the ideal sport and I enjoy every single minute at Monica’s Studio’ Pilates Retreat’.

- Cordula, Germany

I was new to Pilates and was a little anxious in the beginning, especially since I have had some back problems after a car accident. After years of Physiotherapy and Acupuncture, I can now honestly say, I am totally pain free. With her expert guidance, I have managed to increase my overall strength without any trouble. More important, my back hasn't been this great in years. I recommend Monica strongly enough. She is extremely knowledgeable and spends a lot of time getting to know each student and their bodies so that she can provide the perfect program for you. And because her classes are small, she can give every student her undivided attention. Monica's studio has truly been my retreat in Delhi, and I am grateful every day that I found it.

- Anette Stevens, South Africa

When I came to New Delhi I was looking at several studios to get my body into shape after child birth again. Pilates turns out to be ideal for me, as it is toning my figure and gently shaping the muscles without doing harm to my back or my knees. Monica's method of teaching is fun, the exercises vary from lesson to lesson and the training is never dull. The groups are small so you can be sure to get all her attention and she is strict when it comes to carrying out the exercise correctly. So already after one year the results on my body that are noticeable. Thanks to Pilates, thanks to Monica.

- Antje Bornhöft, Germany

For those of us, who aspire to be the best and want to give their best - Monica is a name to reckon with! And for those of us who want nothing but the best - getting trained in Pilates under Monica, is surely what we deserve! Monica is an excellent trainer, who takes into consideration, the physical requirements of her students. She teaches Pilates in a gentle format to minimise any kind of injury.

If taught correctly and practiced correctly, one can eventually be relieved of any body-pain and can get a fine posture. The best part of this regime is that after doing Pilates, one does not feel exhausted. Instead, one is rejuvenated for the day.

In one month of Pilates training, there is a marked improvement in my cervical and lumbar spondylitis. This was possible because of Monica's insistence to train a small group at a time. That way she is able to focus on every one tirelessly and most importantly with a smile."

- Ruchi Singhal, India

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