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Pilates fitness circle also popularly known as the Magic Ring (small pilate equipment) is becoming popular all over the world.

It is portable, light in weight and not very expensive. It is made of flexible metal with pads to each side.

It is designed to give light moderate resistance during the workout. Helps to tone the upper arms, inner and the outer thighs, engages the chest, isolates the pelvic floor muscles. The ring can be used standing, lying down or sitting. It helps to develop better neuromuscular coordination. It can also introduce variety to the workout thus keep the workouts interesting and not monotonous.

Joseph Pilates got the idea of the Magic Circle from a Key Ring. Well, this should bring a smile to your workout.


Just like Swiss Ball and Flex Bands, foam rollers are cross-over equipment from rehab training. It is an inexpensive, lightweight and versatile small Pilate equipment. It is just a cylinder shaped piece made of high-density foam. Foam roller can be used for stretching, self-massage, body and stability exercises.

Since it is unstable and the base of support is smaller compared to the mat it challenges the Core much more to maintain balance and thus more deeper muscles are recruited just like the Swiss Ball.It is a wonderful piece of equipment to give challenging workouts in the routines.



The exercise ball is light, portable, durable and inexpensive.

The Ball provides a unstable surface which demands recruiting deeper stabilising muscles. Most of the muscles are underutilised otherwise and thus results in injuries of the knees, ankles, shoulders and back.

While working out on the Machines, the back and buttocks are supported and therefore these muscles tend to relax but when working with the ball, the muscles have to be working all the time. It heightens the proprioreception i.e. makes you aware as to how your body moves in space. This ball is also used in rehabilitating motor skills, improve balance and athletic performance.

The stretching on the ball can achieve the maximum range which cannot be achieved on the Mat or the Machine. Thus the ball enhances breath connection, three dimensional movement patterns, stability and mobility exercises along with sequencing.


These stretchy latex bands provides good resistance to both the agonist and antagonist muscles during the negative and positive contractions. Here the deep stabilising muscles are recruited,improving strength, range of motion and also enhancing mind body connection. The Flex Band is particularly good and works well with the Pilates Principles as it helps to lengthen major muscles ,it targets both the upper and lower body, works the core abdominals, improves flexibility, enhances joint mobility,and sculpts a strong, streamlined physique.This simple looking tool can make the workouts very interesting and challenging.


Reformer Machine is a wonderful piece of equipment.It has a very versatile approach can accommodate a range of body heights, sizes and abilities, and facilitates up to 500 exercises.It can address many injuries or weaknesses in the particular areas of the body in a much more refined and correct way than on Mat or other machines.Here the Exercises can be done laying down, sitting, kneeling or standing on the carriage.

The torso stability and postural alignment is established while working through the peripheral limbs in a range of motion on the Reformer. The adjustable springs here can be progressed or regressed depending on the target.It helps to lengthen through maximum range and also strengthen the muscles rather than building bulk unlike the Gym. It thus gives a very toned lean look. Has no negative impact on the joints during stretching or strengthening, is a joint friendly machine.


Toning Balls are incorporated into matwork routines using the Pilate Principles to increase intensity,include variety ,helps to strengthen the shoulder girdle muscles or the target muscles.It is used both in the upper and lower body workouts,challenges the deeper stabilising muscles by increasing resistance and works the core abdominal muscles.It also brings about an awareness in the shoulder girdle stability. It is available in different weights and depending on the fitness level of a person , balls with particular weights can be introduced.


Arc Barrel

The Arc Barrel features a gentle curve which helps decompress and lengthen the spine. It is used during Matwork to increase or decrease challenge and to assist rehab clients

Spine Corrector

The Spine Corrector is a Pilates tool that is used to perform exercises for lengthening and strengthening the torso, shoulders, back and legs while correcting or restoring the spine's natural curvature. An ideal piece of equipment for aligning and mobilizing the spine. It can also assist for improving posture. Spine Corrector has a slanted platform with dense foam padding and wooden handgrips which provide comfort to clients.

Ladder Barrel

The Ladder Barrel challenges core stability and strength and is designed for serious core conditioning and to increase flexibility and mobility.

Vertical Frame

One can perform numerous Cadillac/Trapeze Table exercises on Vertical Frame. Vertical Frame fits easily into sturdy receptacles on the Reformer.

Cadillac Trapeze

The Trapeze Table, also known as the Cadillac is the first piece of equipment designed by Joseph H. Pilates. When viewing the Cadilla it is clear that the inspiration for this apparatus was a rehabilitation hospital bed. Joseph Pilates years of rehabilitating the injured and sick, inspired him to create this unique and versatile apparatus.

Stott Pilates Chair

  • Powerful full body workout (increases muscular strength and endurance).
  • Sculpt and tone muscles.
  • Improve and refine athletic performance (motor coordination and balance).
  • Improve posture through scapular and lumbo-pelvic stabilization.
  • Rehabilitate injuries.
  • Works full range-of-motion of spinal mobility (flexion, extension and lateral flexion.)
  • Build and fine-tune core stability with unilateral and reciprocal work.
  • Rebalance muscle groups.
  • Enhance mobility.
  • Improves your mood and energy (it's fun!).