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Pilates has proved to enhance sports performance over the years. It has proved greatly beneficial to golfers, cyclists, runners, racquet players and athletes. Pilates improves balance, core stability, concentration, mind and body connection, increased muscle strength and flexibility. This together has focused on better performance.

Golfers and Racquet Players have more rotational movements; require good shoulder stability, stronger shoulders, trunk and legs for maximum power and energy, core postural muscles for good balance during quick directional changes. Pilates has greatly helped in all of these.

For Cyclists and athletes more of the lower body is involved. They have most of the movements happening in one plane and lateral motion is hardly there. Here the lower body is more dominant in this sport. Therefore they tend to have muscular imbalances which can be addressed by the Pilates technique. Flexibility can be increased in the tight muscles, the muscles around the joints can be strengthened making the joint more stable and balance can also be improved working in other planes of movements.

The principles of Pilates which includes breathing, centering, concentration, along with the stability, mobility and flexibility exercises focuses on the marked improved performance of an individual if added in the training routines.