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Pilates Method, has a unique system of stretching and strengthening one’s body. It was developed by Joseph Pilates over 90 years from now.

Joseph Pilates himself was a very sickly child. He was suffering from Rickets+Asthama and rheumatic fever. Thus very determined to strengthen his frail body, he came up with this method initially known as “The Art of Controllogy “ in which his main focus was to master and have control on the mind and body in unison.

Sometimes spending time in the Gym or in front of an exercise video may not be successful in achieving one’s goal. But one can maximise the result by doing the Mat Work which teaches that the body weight is the finest and the only tool necessary for achieving physical fitness and goal.

This method works on some principles which make the exercises very safe, yet challenging, interesting and wanting to do more. It incorporates principals as concentration, breath, control, precision and flowing movements which results in balanced and functional training.

Pilates focuses the mind and body working together, takes care of every existing muscle in your body, teaches the biomechanics of how the joints and muscles work together to create better quality movement and works with own body weight. This thus gives a long, toned look just like the graceful body of a dancer which many of us dream to have. It is a unique method which also rehabilitates and addresses certain limitations, opens the doors to a healthy mind and healthy body making one free of stress. It also improves circulation, endurance and makes the body functionally strong making it easier to deal with day to day activities and also makes one feel great and look great!!!!..

Pilates also can be done on some machines especially the Reformer which is a very unique machine. It works with springs and when conjoined with Mat creates a power in our mind to control the body and stretches the body through full length.

One can relive dreams of having:-

  • Better posture.
  • A streamlined body.
  • Relief from back pain which most of us suffer from.
  • Enhance emotional well being.
  • Grow spiritually along with the physical goals.
  • To be free of stress which would make us feel happier.
  • It has all the ingredients which the body would want to reach the epitome of fitness. Pilates method can be compared to a ‘balanced diet’ which has all the nutritional, safety and exercise content in it. Pilates challenges you to develop a smart body which translates into a better body and then becomes a better looking body.
  • Its never too late to live your dreams and goals.