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Exclusively for Women

Monica is the founder Instructor of Studio Pilates Retreat which is based in New Delhi. She established her Pilates studio in 2010 after having worked with different studios and luxury spa’s as their health consultant. Began her career in fitness in 2003 and then diversified into Pilates, Rehabilitation programmes. Has 19 years of experience teaching Pilates. Two years ago, she upgraded her studio with the introduction of GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® methods for the first time in India.

She has been trained under Michael King, a veteran in Pilates from Michael King Pilates, London, UK. She went ahead to get certified with Stott Pilates, Toronto Canada, in both Equipment and Mat. Monica is ACE qualified, certified with EBFA (Evidence Based Fitness Academy, USA) in Barefoot science. Besides this, she has been certified for Spirals and Pilates for Pregnancy with Michael King Pilates, London. Completed her certification in ISP (Injuries and Special population), advance level with Stott Pilates.

She has done her certification in Masters Rehab under Ulrik Larsen based in Australia. She is a trained Booty Barre Instructor under Master Trainer Ms Tracey Mallet USA.

Certified with Reebok for Aerobics (Step Training), Body Sculpting with various equipment like Bosu, Coreboard etc. She is certified in MET (Muscle Energy Technique) under the Lead Instructor Master Trainer - Mandeline Black from USA for Foot and Spine in Bali Indonesia. She has also been certified for Functional Training under Master Trainer Tarek Micheal from Australia. She is the first licensed for GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® instructor in india. She is also certified with Mariska Breland (Neuro Studio USA) in Pilates for Neurological Conditions.

Continuing with the education to understand and help people studied and certified in Theuraptic training from USA-Pennsylvania, with any concerns to:

  • Pelvic Girdle
  • Shoulder Girdle
  • Scholiosis

Today, with years of experience, her aim is to make her clients help them reach their full potential in terms of functionality, core strength, overall strength, body awareness, flexibility in regard to joints, with the Holistic training which they undergo and thus change their lives.


Completed 42 hrs of the most incredible professional movement Instructor course under the mentorship of Master Trainer Paul Thornley and Victoria Roper in Dec - Jan 2023.

Completed the TRIO SPECIAL COURSE Certification from Gyrotonics Pennsylvania under the expert guidance of Master Trainer Luca from Italy for the Shoulder Girdle, Pelvic Girdle and Scholiosis in September 2023.

Also Certified for Level 2, PROGRAM 1 Gyrotonics on the Pulley Tower under Master Trainer Victoria Lim from USA in April 2024.


She had the great opportunity to work with clients from all over the world. To name a few, it has been a privilege to train the Ambassadors and their wives from different embassies of different countries, people from embassies, the Health Minister Abumani Ramados and his wife, professionals, expats etc.