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Lower Back Pain can have many reasons to it. Some of them are:-

  • Sedentary Life Style
  • Sitting jobs.
  • Poor Posture.
  • Muscular Imbalances and Pelvic Instability.
  • Body unawareness which affects the health of the back.
  • Many exercise forms focus on the larger surface muscles i.e. global or superficial muscles. Pilates trains the deepest layer of the core muscles of the abdomen and the back which in turn supports the back to be healthy and be strong. It functionally strengthens your muscles to help you perform day to day activity in a correct way.

    Pilates focuses on the pelvic floor muscles to work with deep layers of abdominals, hips and back to develop the core strength. Whether it is a back injury or back pain, often, it is because of poor posture or inefficient movement patterns and lack of awareness in the body. Pilates addresses all of these in an efficient way, thus resulting relief from back pain.

    This method works with the natural and correct alignment of the body, maintaining the natural curve of the back. Working in the correct alignment using the right muscles during the movements can help individual reach beyond mental and physical holdings which a back pain can create. It can change the mind-set of an individual to a positive change.